The True Origin of Kites

It’s incredible what we can find out about history through prehistoric drawings found on rocks and in caves. Sulawesi, one of the islands in Indonesia, has many fascinating paintings; some that are more than 40,000 years old. One particular drawing, found in a cave on Muna Island, shows a painting that is highly possible to be a man flying a kite. La Hada, the cave keeper, found the drawing in 1996. It was further recognized when a guy from Germany, called Wolfgang Bieck, came to Indonesia in 1997. He was told by Suarnadi Makuta, the leader of ‘Muna Traditional Kite Club’ that there was a cave painting of a kite on Muna Island. That is when Wolfgang became more intrigued about the true origin of the kite, as for years China had claimed its origin. read more

The Great Clams

Unknown to most, the giant clam has become an endangered species due to its only predator, humans. Humans take this beautiful species to eat or use as decorations in their homes. However we have come across a magnificent conservation project run by a wonderful guy called Habib. He set up a project to conserve the giant clams in ToliToli, which is a village in the south east of Sulawesi. He has always known clams are an important role for keeping the reef healthy and clean and is very passionate about protecting the reef. He is now trying to restore clams wherever possible.

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Have you ever wondered what paradise looks like? Earlier this year we got a chance to find out. For us paradise is somewhere that isn’t just beautiful but also hidden from everyone else. In Indonesia there are a group of islands, in the Southeast Moluccas, that are breathtaking. These islands, called Kei, Aru and Tanimbar, have some of the most beautiful beaches we have seen, if not the most beautiful. It is an excellent escape from reality and a chance to relax before venturing onto your next adventure in more

Every Tari-an has a Story

Traditional dance is “our way of life”, as Andi Muhammad Redo, the creative director at Bataragowa Art Center in South Sulawesi, Indonesia said to Brune Charvin. Brune Charvin is a photographer and videographer, who was selected by the Beasiswa Seni Budaya Indonesia 2013 to work on a three month international programme organised by the Indonesia Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She was taught traditional dances and music from South Sulawesi everyday. She told us it was an overwhelming experience. Intrigued, I decided to interview her to find out more on her experience. read more

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

As the world continues to use plastic we continue to find ways to reduce it. Plastic is one of the biggest problems our planet faces. Not only is there lots of it, over 200 million tons every year to be precise, but it’s also harmful to us, the environment and other species. Unknown to most, plastic carries toxic chemicals that can alter hormones and damage our health. How do we consume these chemicals? We drink from plastic bottles, we eat from plastic containers and plastic never disintegrates, which means these chemicals end up contaminating our environment. Luckily there are ways to reuse, reduce and recycle plastic.


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