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Stepping beyond the beaten track, but not forgetting to visit the more known and equally interesting sights

Indonesia is a land of extraordinary beauty characterized by almost countless islands located around the equator. This tropical area dispels a wide range of natural and cultural diversity: from lush green primary forests to colorful coral reefs and from the fascinating traditions of the royal courts in Central Java to the intriguing life style of indigenous peoples in many remote parts. Each of the islands developed in its own unique way resulting in an amazing historical, natural and cultural mosaic maintained for centuries. Although Indonesia has entered the modern era, still many pieces of this mosaic can be witnessed.

Tari Travel is specialised in tours that explore the natural and cultural diversity beyond the beaten track. With us you will be spending time with the local communities, getting to know the real spirit of Indonesia, whilst also visiting the sights and places that are iconic to Indonesia and not to be missed. However, where possible, we make the tour a little different to offer the unique, unforgettable travel experience through Indonesia.

Don't hesitate to e-mail us for more information about our tours, inquiries, destinations or advise about Indonesia! E-mail us at taritravel@yahoo.com or simply fill in this message form below and we get back to you as soon as possible! Communication may be in Dutch, English or Indonesian.

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