Discover Sumatra

Medan - Bohorok - Tangkahan - Brastagi - Samosir - Sipirok -
Bukittinggi - Harau - Padang


Traveling on Sumatra is the equivalent of adventure. Encounter wild animals in the national park of Gunung Leuser, walk through impressive canyons and valleys, and meet the indigenous tribes that still uphold their traditional customs. From jungle forests to quaint mountain villages, Sumatra has it all.


Tour itinerary Discover Sumatra


Day 1: Arrival Medan, transfer hotel
Day 2: Medan city tour, transfer to Bohorok
Day 3: Walk forest; to Tangkahan by jeep
Day 4: Tangkahan, elephant washing
Day 5: Long drive to Brastagi
Day 6: Brastagi-Samosir with stops
Day 7: Samosir, morning walk
Day 8: Transfer to Sipirok
Day 9: Via Sibolga to Bukittinggi
Day 10: Bukittingi, walk canyon
Day 11: Transfer to Harau with stops Minangkabauland
Day 12: Walk valley
Day 13: Transfer to Padang
Day 14: Padang, free day
Day 15: Transfer airport

This tour is an example, the program will be tailor made to your wishes for an unforgettable travel experience. For more information, please contact us.

tour themes

  • wildlife
  • local life
  • adventure
  • nature

highlights discover sumatra


    • The national park of Gunung Leuser encloses a large area of low- and highland forest both in the provinces of North-Sumatra and in Aceh. It is one of the finest national parks of Indonesia and home to an impressive number of mammal species like tigers, orang utans, gibbons, elephants and rhinos. It is most famous for its rehabilitation of orangutans. Two times a day the big red apes are fed a meagre meal of milk and bananas in the hope that they will be encouraged to find their own and more nutritional food. Wash elephants, walk through the forest, visit caves or swim in the river.

    • Very impressive is the Karo-plateau situated on an altitude of around 1400 meters. It is the homeland of the Karo-Batak, one of the six Batak tribes that inhabit the province of North-Sumatra and has a high degree of traditions and old fates that remain until this day. Scattered in villages around lake Toba you can see the beautiful decorated houses.
    • In West-Sumatra it is the heart of the Minangkabau tribe that inhabits the province. Special of the Minangkabau is their matriarchal and matrilineal society. The eldest living female is the matriarch and holds the power in her household.

    • West-Sumatra also resembles a vast and magnificent nature reserve, dominated by jungle-clad volcanic peaks and riddles with waterfalls, canyons and lakes. Explore the Harau Valley and walk through the canyon Ngarai Sianok. This impressive canyon holds a lush nature with steep walls. Descend the wall all the way down to the bottom of the canyon where you walk through abundant vegetation, often seeing monkeys. At the bottom a small river runs south, you will follow this river and cross it several times. Normally water will be knee deep and it is much fun to cross while enjoying the splendid nature that literally surrounds you.


"We zijn nu alweer 2 weken thuis met prachtige herinneringen. Het is omgevlogen. In Medan zijn we begonnen met een bezoek aan de Franciscanessen van st Lucia. Dit was heel apart en leuk."
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