Insight Sumatra


Enjoy the world famous food of Padang, prepared by a local family or be more hands on and learn how to cook like the strong women of the Minangakabau tribes. Explore the beautiful landscapes by bicycle and visit a colonial town near Harau..


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Interested in really getting to know the culture and people of Indonesia? Or are you looking for that hidden paradise that can only be reached on foot or by bicycle? Our Insight tours are our signature tours of a few days that will give you a taste of the real spirit of Indonesia. Combine Insight tours with the Discover tour of your destination to go off the beaten track, but not forgetting to visit the more known, but equally interesting sights.

These tours are only examples, the program will be tailor made to your wishes for an unforgettable travel experience. For more information, please contact us.

Discover Sumatra Tour

Combine the Discover Sumatra Tour with our Insight Sumatra tours to learn more about 'the real spirit of Indonesia'

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Insight Bukittinggi

Harau / Sawah Lunto

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Tour itinerary Insight Bukittinggi


Day 1: Bukittingi, Padang dinner local home
Day 2: Bicycle trip country side; lunch local warung
Day 3: Daytrip Lake Maninjau

tour themes

  • cycling
  • food
  • local life

highlights bukittinggi

  • lake maninjau

    • West-Sumatra is certainly worth a few days extra as it a stunning area to explore. Lake Maninjau is located about 2 hours from the center of Bukittingi and it is a breathtaking lake. It is 17 kilometers long and 8 km wide and gives the idea of being right inside the crater of an ancient volcano.
  • cycling & eating in the kampung

    • All the activities in West-Sumatra makes one hungry and thankfully the area is well-known for its famous food. While cycling through the marvelous rural areas, stop at a local restaurant for a few signature dishes.
  • padang dinner local home

    • Or for dinner go to a local home and be served a traditional Padang dinner, it will not be any tastier anywhere else in Indonesia! The Padang cuisine is known for its rich taste and the way of serving. Several highly flavoured dishes will be displayed for you to choose from and each one seem more tasty than the next.

Insight Harau & Sawah Lunto


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Tour itinerary Insight Harau/Sawah Lunto


Day 1: Harau, cooking class; walk valley
Day 2: Transfer to Sawah Lunto
Day 3: Sawah Lunto and surroundings; transfer to Padang

tour themes

  • food
  • local life
  • adventure

highlights harau & sawah lunto

  • cooking class local home

    • As West-Sumatra and then especially the Minangkabau people are famous for their tasty food, why not learn how to cook a few dishes to impress friends and family back home? With a few local women you will visit the market and buy the ingredients for the class. Then you will learn how to make several Minangkabau dishes in a traditional kitchen. Afterwards you will ofcourse be rewarded with your delicious lunch!
  • visit old mining town

    • From Harau you will drive through a scenic landscape towards an old mining town called Sawah Lunto. It is a quaint little town from the colonial period that to this day still houses many old Dutch buildings. In the 19th century the Dutch invested a small fortune in coal mines and a railsystem to transport the coal from one place to another. By visiting this town you feel like going back in time.


"De kookles in Harau was leerzaam en het eten uitstekend. Heel gezellige mensen. De jungletocht in Bukkittingi naar de rafflesiabloem was heel zwaar maar zeker de moeite waard..."
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