Insight Tours

How can you learn more about a destination than by interacting with the people living there? Even though you might not speak the same language, you will surely experience the friendliness and warmth of the local communities. While others call it 'Go Local' or 'Sleeping With The Locals', we prefer to name our trips 'Insight Tours' when visiting the real people of the country as we are aiming for a deeper connection between you and the locals. Gain insight in the local way of living!

Insight java tours

West-Java, South West-Java, Borobudur, Yogyakarta, Solo, salatiga, Malang, Banyuwangi

As Java is the most populous island of Indonesia where most of Indonesian history took place, it is certainly worth exploring a few destinations of this island more thoroughly Learn more about our Insight Java tours: Interested in really getting to know the culture and people of Indonesia?

Insight Bali tours

Ubud, Tabanan, Sidemen

Interested in really getting to know the culture and people of Indonesia? Or are you looking for that hidden paradise that can only be reached on foot or by bicycle? Our Insight tours are our signature tours of a few […]

Insight Sumatra tours

Bukittingi, Harau/Sawah Lunto

Enjoy the world famous food of Padang, prepared by a local family or be more hands on and learn how to cook like the strong women of the Minangakabau tribes. Explore the beautiful landscapes bybicycle and visit a colonial town near Harau. Learn more about our Insight Sumatra tours: Bukit […]

Insight South Sulawesi tours

Makassar, Malino, Toraja

When travelling around South Sulawesi you will most likely start from the island’s capital, the city of Makassar. Even though Makassar is more often a short stopover for travellers who want to explore the south and middle of the island, there are beautiful unexplored areasin and around Makassar that […]

Insight Central Sulawesi tours

Bada & Besoa Valley, Bada Valley, Lake Lindu

From lake Poso you can choose to explore the incredible national park Lore Lindu, south east of Palu, that includes the valleys of Bada, Besoa and Napu which are home to the most impressive megaliths of Indonesia. Just like Stonehenge in England or the Giant Heads on Easter Islands […]

Insight North Sulawesi tours


The volcanic lands of Tomohon have much to offer for those seeking some more adventure. You can climb volcanoes, raft on rivers and mountainbike the area. Learn more about our Insight Central Sulawesi tours: Tumohon Interested in really getting to know the culture and people of Indonesia? Or are […]

Insight South East Sulawesi tours

Bau Bau, Wasuemba

STAY WITH THE BAJO IN SOUTH EAST SULAWESI A trip for those who are looking for places where not many tourists have gone before! Just a one hour flight from Makassar brings you to Buton and surrounding islands, located in the South East of Sulawesi, a regency not often visited although it is a […]

Insight Kalimantan tours

Loksado, Derawan Islands

Visit the Dayak area surrounding Banjarmasin, these tribes were notoriously known as headhunters in the past. Nowadays the people welcome everyone with open arms to get to know their culture and traditions. Kalimantan is also home to a few stunning islands; the Derawan archipelago. Learn more about our Insight Kalimantan tours: Interested […]

Insight Flores tours

West Flores, Central Flores, Komodo

An island with still so many traditional tribes and interesting sightsoffers incredible insight tours! Stay a few days longer in an area to truly get to know a culture or take the boat to visit the Komodo National Park. This UNESCO world heritage site is the only home to the […]

Insight Lombok tours

Senggigi, Sembalun, Tetebatu, South West-Lombok

A beautiful combination of exploring the green interior of Lombok as well as less visited, but beautiful beaches. A 10 day trip for those who like to travel slightly off the beaten track, but still have a good amount of relaxation included. Tour itinerary Insight Lombok 10 Days Day […]

Insight West Papua tours

Raja Ampat, Baliem Valley, Biak

A cultural and natural highlight of Indonesia. West Papua is home to Raja Ampat, worldfamous for its picturesque islands and isletsand an amazing underwater life. Two short flights further takes you to the inland of West Papua where the tribe members still liveprimitively in an undeniably beautiful surrounding. Trekking […]

Insight The Moluccas tours

Centraal-Molukken, Noord-Molukken, Banda

Explore the many islands of the Moluccas. Find the rich spices history and stay on almost deserted islets to explore the beautiful underwater world. Meet the friendly Moluccan during cooking and pull the unique nature.

Culinary Java & Bali

Magelang, Yogyakarta, Solo, Malang, Kaliklatak, Ijen, Pemuteran, Sidemen

GET CONNECTED BY FOLLOWING THE FOOD TRAIL By combining Insight Java and Bali tours we have designed a full ‘off the beaten track’-tour focusing on the highlights of the two most famous islands of Indonesia. One of the best ways to truly get to know a culture is ofcourse by getting to know […]