West Papua


A cultural and natural highlight of Indonesia. West Papua is home to Raja Ampat, worldfamous for its picturesque islands and islets and an amazing underwater life. Two short flights further takes you to the inland of West Papua where the tribe members still live primitively in an undeniably beautiful surrounding. Trekking in the Baliem Valley and meeting the local communities is a once in a lifetime experience.

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Interested in really getting to know the culture and people of Indonesia? Or are you looking for that hidden paradise that can only be reached on foot or by bicycle? Our Insight tours are our signature tours of a few days that will give you a taste of the real spirit of Indonesia.

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Insight Raja Ampat

Baliem Valley

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Tour itinerary Insight Raja Ampat


Day 1: Flight to Sorong, village tour; transfer hotel
Day 2: Ferry to Waisai, transfer hotel
Day 3: Waisai, birding trip
Day 4: Waisai, free day
Day 5: Transfer to Arborek Island by boat
Day 6: Snorkeling manta point; short trek; transfer to Gam Island
Day 7: Mangrove kayak trip; boat to Kri
Day 8: Kri, free day
Day 9: By speedboat to Waisai, ferry to Sorong
Day 10: Transfer airport

tour themes

  • wildlife
  • food
  • beach
  • local life
  • adventure
  • natuur
  • birding

highlights raja ampat

  • ultimate snorkel/dive destination

    • Raja Ampat is located in the heart of the coral triangle, a doorway to a world revealing wonders of the natural kind. Surrounded
      by an underwater world of coral and fish, Raja Ampat’s waters are the world’s richest in terms of marine biodiversity which makes it the ultimate destination for snorkeling and diving.
  • kayaking around picturesque islands and islets

    • Nonetheless, the region is also most beautiful above water, with thousand of miles of coastline, bays and islands, Raja Ampat offers loads of possibilities for boat trips and kayaking opportunities.
  • short treks on land &birding

    • Also the diversity of wildlife, nature and the many unique floras in the island can make hiking on land just as rewarding. On a birding trip you can hopefully catch a glimpse of the birds of paradise.
  • sleep in homestays

    • Homestays run by local people offer overnight stays at the islands and offer the opportunity to experience local life and culture. The homestays are located on pristine white sandy beaches surrounded with tropical green coconut trees. Some cottages are made from natural materials following the Papuan traditional architecture. From each cottage you have a beautiful view over the sea. Meals during your trip on the smaller islands are prepared and served at local families.
  • cooking papua style

    • Start in Sorong with a visit to a traditional village where you can meet the local villagers, learn about their traditional culture and you will learn how their sable food sago is prepared (typical Papuan food made from the bark of a palm tree). You will join the villagers in the proces from bark to flour and from flour to your lunch!
  • island hopping adventure

    • You will pass bays, limestone cliffs famous for Raja Ampat, smaller islands, local villages and if you are lucky you see dolphins jump out of the water. You will go to Manta Point, where you have a chance to spot big Manta Rays and by wooden canoes you can peddle through a small spectacular waterway along mangroves and above corals. Without a noisy engine you can fully obserb your surroundings. If you are lucky you can see turtles and the very lucky ones could even spot dugongs!

Insight Baliem Valley

Raja Ampat

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Tour itinerary Insight Baliem Valley


Day 1: Arrival Jayapura; lake Sentai trip, transfer hotel
Day 2: Flight to Wamena; trsfr to Jiwika and Suroba
Day 3: Visit local families; ceremonial cooking with hot stones; trsfr to Wamena
Day 4: 1st day trekking: Wamena-Hitugi
Day 5: 2nd day trekking: Hitugi-Yarima-Syokosimo
Day 6: 3rd day trekking: Syokosimo-Kilise
Day 7: 4th day trekking: Kilise-Wamena
Day 8: Flight to Jayapura; city tour
Day 9: Transfer airport; flight to Jakarta

tour themes

  • culture
  • wildlife
  • food
  • local life
  • adventure
  • nature

highlights baliem valley

  • spectacular flight no. 1

    • From the moment you near Jayapura with the plane, the spectacular journey begins ! The airport is located near Lake Sentani. If weather permits you will see the irregular shapes of its shores and its velvet green hills , very clear just before landing.
  • tour around lake sentani

    • Along the shores of the lake and on its small islets you will see the numerous fishing villages full of wooden houses raised on stilts above the water. You will witness several activities like sago-flour making, boat building and painting of prepared tree bark with natural paints.
  • spectacular flight no. 2

    • To reach the Baliem Valley another flight is required. An amazing morning flight takes you from Jayapura to Wamena in about one hour. You will fly over green valleys, twisting rivers, thick tropical forest and when approaching Wamena you will see the extensive Baliem-valley with its small villages consisting of the traditional circular houses , topped by a thatched dome-shaped roof (honay).
  • meet the dani's & lani's

    • In Wamena you will see the first Dani’s and Lani’s sparsely dressed in penis gourds or grass skirts and on the head a noken (bark-string bag) . Although nowadays many of them wear western clothes. After settling in your centrally located hotel you can explore Wamena on your own, you can visit traditional markets, cross a big suspension bridge or visit a small Dani settlement nearby.
  • unforgettable 4 day trek through baliem valley

    • And then you can start with an astonishing trekking of 4 days through the most beautiful part of the Baliem Valley: a once in a lifetime experience taking you through breathtaking landscapes and allowing you to meet the very traditional and intriguing tribes of the highlands . You will be walking through Dani territory and spend time in Lani-area.
  • adventurous walks

    • Adventure starts right away with crossing a river and balancing on a small bridge. Views during the trek are incredible and the local people friendly and always ready to shake your hand. The villages you will pass consist mainly of traditional honay’s with pigs kept in wooden cages . During the trek you stay overnight in these traditional homes.
  • back to basic

    • Conditions are primitive but unforgettable . Your bath will be the river and depending on the facilities, the toilet will be near the house or at a longer distance. Cooks will prepare simple but tasteful meals for you and you are welcome to help anytime.
  • dance with the locals

    • You will witness a very impressive pig feast , probably one of the most interesting things to see on a travel to Papua. Several clan members dressed in traditional outfits will be dancing for you and prepare a meal using the old methods. They will dig a pit and cover it with grasses. Pig meat, fresh vegetables and hot stones will be put in the pit and afterwards covered with several layers of grass. After a while the food is cooked and the pit is opened. The taste is wonderful and you will enjoy the food together with the clan members.

Extension: Biak

Raja Ampat
Baliem Valley

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Tour itinerary Biak


Day 1: Flight to Biak, island tour & bird park
Day 2: Visit nearby island for snorkeling
Day 3: Biak, free day
Day 4: Transfer out airport

tour themes

  • beach
  • birding

highlights biak

  • biak tour &birds of paradise

    • From Jayapura take a late morning flight for the tropical Papua island of Biak. Visit the impressive Japanese caves and the bird park , where you can see many Papuan bird species, including birds of paradise .
  • snorkel trip

    • A nearby beautiful island fringed with white sandy beaches belongs to the Padaido archipelago where snorkeling is exquisite.