Bestemmingen Bali


The divine island

The island of gods, as Bali is often referred too, takes its own unique place in the Indonesian archipelago. Whereas the other islands are Islamic or
Christian, on Bali Hinduism is practiced in a remarkable creative and colorful way. In many temples that display an astonishing architecture, the Hindu gods are worshipped by through prayer and offerings.

The numerous skillfully made offerings, carried by the women on their head to the temples, are often pieces of arts themselves. They are made with full dedication and sometimes days go by before one is finished. After being presented to a deity the offering looses it’s meaning and will be taken home where the edible
parts are consumed. Scattered throughout Bali you will almost trip over the numerous small palm leaf offerings that are placed daily on every possible dwelling of a deity or demon such as on street corners, on bridges, in big trees, in front of doors, on tables, etc, etc.

The ability and willingness to create the most beautiful things for their gods is used by the Balinese to produce most attractive souvenirs made from all possible kinds of material. This makes Bali a heaven for those in search for souvenirs.

Bali is also known for its scenic landscapes. Still many Balinese work their rice fields in the way it was done for centuries. The small fantastic shaped sawa terraces are skilfully worked and their efficient and democratic Subak system [a society consisting of several farmers who decide on ways of irrigation, buying seeds, planting the seedlings etc.] results in high yields. This photogenic sawa landscape is however just one aspect of
Bali’s natural beauty, some impressive volcanoes, clear crater lakes and tropical forests patiently wait to be climbed and to be admired.

However, most visitors come to Bali to settle down for a relaxed sun-drenched holiday on one of Bali’s beautiful beaches or ride on its famous surfs. This leaves the interior of Bali relatively less visited and it is here that you can find traditional Bali in every respect of its meaning.