Terms & Conditions

Please review the below mentions terms & conditions thoroughly as these will be applied to your booking with Tari Travel. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to e-mail us at taritravel@yahoo.com or have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here.


A booking is official if client pays 25% of the total amount of land arrangement price (=down payment) on the bank account of TARI TRAVEL. Domestic flights should be paid full in advance. Possible transfer costs should be settled by client. By paying 25% of the total amount (down payment) client agrees with all above and below mentioned conditions.

The total amount of tour price should be settled at least 2 (two) weeks before commencement of tour or, by special agreement between client and TARI TRAVEL.,the balance can be settled on arrival in the country where the tour takes place, in a manner previously established by e-mail between client and TARI TRAVEL.. If the balance of the tour price is not paid upon arrival, TARI TRAVEL reserves the right to cancel the booking, and no refund will be paid.


Any notification of cancellation must be by e-mail or fax and this notification will be confirmed by TARI TRAVEL.. The date on which the e-mail or fax is received by TARI TRAVEL. will determine the cancellation charges applicable.


In case of cancellation of tour by client (regardless of reason) the following conditions will be applied:

  • From booking date until 30 days before departure a 10% fee will be applied
  • Between 30 days and 10 days before departure a 20% fee will be applied
  • 10 days before departure a 30% fee will be applied
  • 5 days before departure a 50% fee will be applied
  • Within 5 days of departure there will be no refund
  • In case Tari Travel cancels the trip, regardless of reason, Tari Travel obliges itself to find a trustable other travel agency to handle the tour or has to refund 100% of the tour price within 1 week of cancellation.

Any transfer costs will be for Tari’s account.


In case of cancellation of domestic flights by client (regardless of reason) the cancellation rules of the airlines involved will be applied. The amount of refund will depend on the specific airline, time of cancellation and class of ticket. For every cancellations regardless of time of cancellation and ticket class 15 euro per traject/ticket administration fee has to be paid.

Any costs made due to cancellation or rescheduling of flights by the airlines themselves, are the responsibility of clients. Most domestic airlines will not refund tickets or pay for extra hotel nights, transport etc. Extra costs will need to be paid for by clients.


  1. TARI TRAVEL does not accept any liability arising from changes of itineraries, or any other matters relating to a tour, due to factors outside its control. These factors include wars, strikes, weather, political disputes, border closures, delayed or cancelled flights etc. Any expenses incurred by TARI TRAVEL or the licensed agent* as a result of these changes will have to be paid on the spot by customers. Failure to do so will result in the termination of the tour there and then, without any further liability on the part of TARI TRAVEL.
  2. TARI TRAVEL reserves the right to increase tour prices due to any increase in fuel costs, park entrance fees, or fluctuation of exchange rates, for a maximum of 10% of the total tour price, until 14 days prior to the start of the tour. Any increase up to 10% does not hold sufficient reason for the customer to cancel his tour without cost.
  3. Clients bookings are accepted on the understanding by the client that certain risks exist, which are an inherent part of traveling in countries with an infrastructure and development level that does not match that of the European Community or the USA, and that clients undertake all tours and associated expeditions entirely at their own risk. While TARI TRAVEL and its licensed agents* take every precaution to ensure the safety of clients, no responsibility can be accepted for any death, injury or loss which might occur to such clients, sustained from any cause whatsoever. The clients and his/her dependants, heirs, executors, administrators or assigns, hereby indemnify and hold blameless TARI TRAVEL or its members and employees from any claims of whatsoever nature and from any liability for delay, loss, damage, injury, illness, or death, arising from any cause whatsoever out of events related to or occurring during a tour.

*LICENSED AGENT: a licensed agent is an local agent in a country of destination of a travel arrangement, whose quality of services provided are regularly checked by TARI TRAVEL.


Most of the Indonesian Airlines are listed on the so called ‘black list’ composed by the European Union. This list contains airlines that do not fulfill necessary security demands imposed by the European Union. Indonesian
passenger airlines that have been removed from this list and are safe to fly according to European Union conditions are: Garuda Airlines and Indonesian Air Asia.

Luggage limit differs between airlines. Garuda flights always have 20 kg luggage limit; Lion Air 15-20 kg kg; Wings Air 10 kg; Trigana-Nam-Kalstar 10-15 kg. Luggage limit for Air Asia flights depends on request and varies from 10 to 30 kg per person. For overweight an additional fee has to be paid of around Rp 10.000-Rp 75.000 per kilo (depending on route). It is the right of an airline to refuse overweight.