Our Story

Find out how Tari Travel started, what we stand for and how we work to make unforgettable tours throughout Indonesia.

Who are we?

Tari Travel is an experienced and long running international travel organization that has been established by an Indonesia-Dutch couple. We are your personal destination manager for travels throughout Indonesia. You can find our brand new office in the city of Makassar in the south of the island of Sulawesi.

Since the late eighties we have organized and guided tours for several Dutch and English-speaking organizations as well as for individual travellers. In 1994 we also started wrote an extensive travel guide in the Dutch language (‘Indonesia’, published in 1996 by Babylon De Geus). This intensive project brought us to the farthest corners of the country and allowed us to upgrade our knowledge of the Indonesian archipelago considerably as well as to expand our personal contacts with the local people.

The meaning of the name ‘Tari‘ is twofold: literally it means ‘dance’ by which we want to express the cultural aspect in our tours but it is also the abbreviation of ‘Tapak Rimba’ , or ‘footsteps in the wilderness’, indicating both adventure and nature.

Tari Travel would like you to taste the real spirit of Indonesia by actively involving you with land and people, for instance by offering you frequent walks through small villages and scenic landscapes and by organizing treks of several days in which we camp in the countryside or at local people’s homes.

What do we do?

We offer you customized tours, which means that you can decide yourself with whom you travel, in what way, which areas you want to visit and at which pace. To make it easier for you we offer some popular tour packages that you can use as a basis: Discover Tours. These tour packages will provide you with information on what is possible in a certain time limit (Destinations) in order to visit the most well known sights and places. Most of the offered tour packages will take 2 to 3 weeks, but it always possible to shorten the tour or to expand. Tari Travel's specialties are trips and tours that focus on 'The Real Spirit of Indonesia'. Please visit our Insight Tours to see how you can experience the culture of Indonesia firsthand. By combining a Discover Tour with an Insight Tour you can expect to go off the beaten track and still visit the main sights, a perfect combination!

For a few destinations we do not offer Discover Tours, because these are areas that are still quite undeveloped. We wouldn't want you to experience it any other way than interacting thoroughly with the locals.

All tours on our website are examples. Don't hesitate to contact us as your requests will be answered personally and promptly and our team will make a tour that suits your wishes.