Insight South East Sulawesi


A trip for those who are looking for places where not many tourists have gone before! Just a one hour flight from Makassar brings you to Buton and surrounding islands, located in the South East of Sulawesi, a regency not often visited although it is a stunning part of Sulawesi with beautiful coral reefs, great wildlife and friendly bajo people welcoming you with open arms.


Tour itinerary Insight South East Sulawesi


Day 1: Flight Makassar-Bau Bau, transfer hotel
Day 2: Island Tour
Day 3: Baubau, forest walk; lunch local home
Day 4: Baubau-Wasuemba, visit Bajo
Day 5: Wasuemba, activities, transfer back to Baubau
Day 6: Baubau, full day island snorkel trip with BBQ lunch
Day 7: Flight to Makassar

This tour is an example, the program will be tailor made to your wishes for an unforgettable travel experience. For more information, please contact us.

tour themes

  • wildlife
  • food
  • beach
  • local life
  • adventure

highlights south east sulawesi

  • baubau city tour & local meals

    • Explore the island, walk through the old part of Baubau city, visit a local pearl farm, enjoy a bbq on a deserted island and walk up a hill to have splendid views over the city and surroundings. Delicious dinners and lunches made from traditional dishes are served in a local home or warung.
  • walk forest for wildlife spotting and dinner shopping

    • A large part of Buton is a forested area called the Labundo reserve where many endemic species live. Walking through the forest you have a good chance to spot black macaques, hornbills and couscous. During the walk you will also pick vegetables which will later be cooked by a local family! If you want, you could of course lend a hand cooking the dishes. It is a relaxing afternoon at the local home.
  • colourful coral & white sandy beaches

    • The east coast of the island is known for its pristine beaches and beautiful coral reefs, which you will certainly explore by snorkeling. After some time relaxing on the beach and in the water, you will be served a delicious, fresh BBQ meal on the beach.
  • experience bajo village life

    • This part of Buton is also home to the Bajo, sea gypsies who have built villages of coral waste on the water. Narrow wooden planks connect the houses with one another and the women love to show you their home made goggles with which they can go meters deep in the water looking for seacucumbers. Almost everywhere you see seaproducts which will be sold on the market or traded for vegetables and fruit, commodities which are more often than not deficient in life on the water. The Bajo kids are happier to get a mandarin than a candy! You will stay in one of these villages, which are surprisingly clean! Almost all houses are built on stilts on the water. Together with the women of the village you will roam the beaches, find food for lunch and dinner and truly experience the life of a Bajo. In the evening you go looking for the coconut crabs who leave their shelters after dawn.