West Papua

Stone culture and natural beauty

West-Papua (previously known as Irian Jaya), Indonesia easternmost province differs is in all aspects of the other main islands of Indonesia. Belonging to the island of New Guinea (world’s second-largest island) it dispels both nature and culture influenced by the proximity of Australia. West Papua is blessed by an exceptional nature consisting of impenetrable rainforests, extensive swamp areas, endless mangrove-forest, lakes and dry savanna. The Pegunungan Maoke mountain range stretching from west to southeast is the backbone of the area, and the province’s highest peak, Puncak Jaya (4884 m), and other mountains such as Puncak Mandala, feature permanent snowfields and small glaciers. West-Papua is sparsely inhabited and most of its people live in bigger towns near the coast. Some of its traditional tribes survive harsh conditions and modern intrusions and live in its heartlands. The Baliem-valley, ‘discovered’ not even a century ago is one of the main tourist destinations. It is a once in a life time experience to travel in this valley of amazing natural beauty and meet some of the most remarkable tribes on earth. Jayapura is the capital of West-Papua and although not a really attractive town, the nearby Lake Sentani with its irregular shore lines, small islands and villages is worth while exploring

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