Discover North Sulawesi

Manado - Tomohon - Tangkoko - Bunaken/Bangka/Pulisan


Culture, nature and a good time of relaxation is what you find in North Sulawesi. In a short trip you can see all what Manado has to offer as distances are relatively short. Manado is home to the Minahasa tribes living in the hills, the Tangkoko Batuangus National Park where you can spot wildlife and home to one of the most beautiful national seaparks of the world, renowned for snorkeling and diving.


Tour itinerary Discover North Sulawesi


Day 1: Arrival Manado, transfer hotel
Day 2: Transfer to Tomohon, stop Tasikoki
Day 3: Minahasa Highland tour
Day 4: Transfer to Tangkoko, stop at Sawangan; afternoon walk
Day 5: Morning walk Tangkoko, transfer to Bunaken/Pulisan/Bangka
Day 6: Bunaken/Pulisan/Bangka, free day
Day 7: Bunaken/Pulisan/Bangka, free day
Day 8: Bunaken/Pulisan/Bangka, free day
Day 9: Transfer airport

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Optional extensions

Combine the Discover North Sulawesi Tour with our Insight Tomohon tour to learn more about 'the real spirit of Indonesia'

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tour themes

  • culture
  • wildlife
  • beach
  • adventure
  • nature

highlights discover north sulawesi

  • the fertile lands of tomohon

    • The Minahasa district is located at an altitude of 700-800 meters in a volcanic area. You can see fumes rising up from the grounds, beautiful lush green landscapes and colourful flowers growing everywhere. An interesting area where you can see houses being broken down to be sold again as a ‘do-it-yourself-packet’, the ancient waruga sarcophagi and home industries. Beautiful trails lead you on a walk near the colored sulfur lake of Linow and towards a waterfall.
  • wildlife spotting

    • The National Park Tangkoko Batuangus is a beautiful park, filled with fruit trees and palm trees. As fruits are abundant here, the forest can hold a large number of mammals and birds. It is not to difficult for you to spot the black short tail monkeys which are endemic to Sulawesi. In the afternoon you can spot the tarsier, a very small monkey the size of a human hand. It feeds during the night and will only return to its sleeping tree just before sunrise.
  • worldfamous dive sites

    • North Sulawesi is surrounded by many islands all of which have secluded bays and white sandy beaches. Snorkel or dive the worldwide famous coral gardens and their drop offs. Relax on the beach or walk into the jungle to hear the birds singing.


"Hoogtepunten waren voor ons de Toraja trekking en de ceremonie, de megalieten-speurtocht in de Bada vallei, de rust van Island Retreat, de dieren van Tangkoko en de duikplekken rond Bunaken. En de mensen van Sulawesi natuurlijk!"
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Coby en Frans I Sulawesi