Discover Flores

Maumere - Moni - Riung - Bajawa - Ruteng - Labuan Bajo


Flores literly means the cape of Flores, a name given to the island by the Portugese. Flores nowadays is much more then just a cape of flowers. The scenery in Flores is never boring: rice terraces, volcanoes, traditional villages with intriguing tribes, beaches and rough coasts. Be prepared for bumpy rides on the rugged roads and unforgettable encounters with the local cultures.


Tour itinerary Discover Flores


Day 1: Arrival Maumere, transfer hotel
Day 2: Maumere, free day; optional snorkeling
Day 3: Maumere to Moni; walk near Sikka
Day 4: Kelimutu sunrise; trip to Riung
Day 5: Snorkel trip Kepulauan Tujuh Belas
Day 6: Transfer to Bajawa, hot springs at Soa
Day 7: Bajawa, half day trekking
Day 8: Bajawa to Ruteng
Day 9: Ruteng to Labuanbajo, visit traditional village with lunch
Day 10: Transfer to airport, flight out

This tour is an example, the program will be tailor made to your wishes for an unforgettable travel experience. For more information, please contact us.

tour themes

  • culture
  • food
  • beach
  • local life
  • adventure
  • nature

highlights discover flores

  • isolated villages

    • Visit isolated villages consisting of traditional wooden houses with specific decoration. In Ngada women and men sit on the verandas engaging in small handicraft work while chewing betel nut. Witness people originally from the island of Sawu making strong liqueur of the juices of lontarpalm. The area around the Kelimutu is famous for its beautiful ikat textiles, which the local women are more than happy to show you.
    • The western part of Flores is inhabited by an ethnic group called Manggarai. They have their own culture and tradition, which in some parts of the area is still quite strong. They are dressed in beautiful textiles called sarong, that are woven according to a special method using yarns of bright colors. Their traditional architecture is a very unique one, the houses are cone-shaped and offer space up to 100 people!
  • rugged landscapes & beautiful coasts

    • Flores enjoys many beautiful beaches and snorkeling spots, which means some nice breaks from the adventurous journey. Enjoy a relax start on the beach of Maumere where you can do some great snorkeling, have a picnic on the beach and see hundreds of flying foxes hanging in mangrove trees flying out at dusk. The national seapark of Tujuh Belas consists of 17 islands just of the shore of Riung. With a small motorboat you will explore a part of the national sea park, sail to an uninhabited island, enjoy great snorkeling here as well as a delicious BBQ on the beach with freshly catched fish.
    • Throughout Flores you will see magnificent landscapes. Stop to enjoy the incredible rice terraces near Ruteng, walk to a serene blue lake and hear typical birdsongs. And an early wake up call! Witness the sunrise on top of the Kelimutu volcano with its three coloured lakes when spectacular views surround you. Very unique in the Manggarai country is the shape of the rice fields: they are laid out in the form of a spider web, with each part belonging to a specific family.