Making a Difference

Words cannot describe Indonesia but Tari Travel can show you. We love showing guests the wonderful culture, the spectacular landscape and the warmth you feel when you meet local families. However, we’re not just a travel agent, we also do what we can to help support local communities and the environment. Tari Travel will always make sure you get to interact with the locals from Indonesia but it’s also important that we give back what we take, which is why we help support their livelihood too. We have made connections with many local communities around Indonesia, some of which have ongoing projects that are helping the more

An Action Package Trip


At the beginning of this month Tari Travel to set off on their yearly trip to experience their own tours in Indonesia. This year we headed to West Sumatra, where we would spend our time in the Padang Highlands. We began our tour in Bukittinggi, home to the ethnic group Minangkabau, who are known for their matriarchal culture. It was fascinating to see all the traditional houses and learn how the women of the family own them. This culture is female dominated and the houses are always passed down to the daughters, which contrasts hugely to the rest of Indonesia. Excited to see what we had heard about, we woke up bright and early on Saturday morning and prepared ourselves for our first trek of the more

Is it Magic or just a Trick?

I’ve always heard stories about Bugis people in Indonesia being “iron resistant” but I never believed it. If someone is “iron resistant” they can stab themselves with an iron dagger without it going through their skin. It was very hard for me to believe and as the famous quote says ‘you got to see it to believe it’, which is exactly what I did. Last week there was a ‘Mappalili’ ceremony in Segeri. The ‘Mappalili’ ceremony is conducted to mark the beginning of rice-planting season. It happens every year in November and is a Bugis tradition. Bugis are one of five ethnic groups in South Sulawesi. They recognize five genders, one of which is Bissu. A Bissu is a gender transcendent who is believed to be a read more

Rammang rammang

Here in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, you can find one of the biggest Karst Mountains in the world. This area has now been recognized, since 2001, as a UNESCO world heritage site. I’ve never seen Karst Mountains before so when I decided to go on this trip I did not expect to see such beauty. We started in Makassar and drove through the country for one and half hours until the driver stopped by the side of the road. I thought we were stopping to eat but unknown to me there were steps leading down to a river just beside me. They were well hidden and out of the public’s eye. At the bottom of these steps we got into a little canal boat to take us to a village set right in the middle of this karst area. We hadn’t even read more