Every Tari-an has a Story

Traditional dance is “our way of life”, as Andi Muhammad Redo, the creative director at Bataragowa Art Center in South Sulawesi, Indonesia said to Brune Charvin. Brune Charvin is a photographer and videographer, who was selected by the Beasiswa Seni Budaya Indonesia 2013 to work on a three month international programme organised by the Indonesia Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She was taught traditional dances and music from South Sulawesi everyday. She told us it was an overwhelming experience. Intrigued, I decided to interview her to find out more on her experience. Brune told me all about the Pakarena, which is danced by women in Makassar, South Sulawesi.


Her maestro, Andi Ummu Tunru, said the “Pakarena is a reef in the middle of the ocean. Despite the storm raging it remains strong.”

The dance resembles this, as you will see the dancers graceful movements and intense feelings in Brune’s photo’s she kindly shared with us. There was another photographer, M.D Akbar, who worked alongside Brune during this project and also took some of these photos. Brune goes on to explain that the contrast between the slow movements and fast paced music, composed from drums, a gong and a piercing traditional flute called the Pui Pui, “alters audiences perceptions giving the sensation that time has extended.” If you were to see this in person you would witness how calm the women stayed, despite the raging music. “They do not derive from the grace of their movements, the infinite focus in their eyes, which seem to be looking inward, and the ever so slow walk that brings each foot to an inexorably pass in front of the other and touch the ground.”

The dance resembles the challenges we face in our lives. No matter how difficult the obstacles in our path may seem, we have to remain calm, just like the reef Andi Ummu Tunru had explained.

Pakarena is just one of the many traditional dances in Indonesia. Each dance has a different story to tell. As Brune stated, traditional dances in Indonesia stand as art forms but also as their identity and we couldn’t agree more. We believe that Indonesian’s traditional dances show the true culture of each area in Indonesia. You will see the differences in costumes, movements and music in each part of this wonderful country. Where ever you choose to go we can show you some extraordinary traditional dances, traditional costumes and traditional food.

Our name ‘Tari’ is the Bahasa Indonesian for dance, as it is our aim to put emphasize on this magnificent culture in Indonesia, which you will truly experience with Tari Travel.

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