Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

As the world continues to use plastic we continue to find ways to reduce it. Plastic is one of the biggest problems our planet faces. Not only is there lots of it, over 200 million tons every year to be precise, but it’s also harmful to us, the environment and other species. Unknown to most, plastic carries toxic chemicals that can alter hormones and damage our health. How do we consume these chemicals? We drink from plastic bottles, we eat from plastic containers and plastic never disintegrates, which means these chemicals end up contaminating our environment. Luckily there are ways to reuse, reduce and recycle plastic.



Our new project sets out to minimize use of plastic bottles by selling stainless steel bottles, which our guests can purchase to use on their tours. They are a key item to have when travelling, especially in Indonesia, as the water here is dirty so people have to buy bottled water from shops, which ends up in large amounts of plastic waste. Indonesia is actually the second biggest contributor in the world to plastic waste. Therefore, Tari Travel has decided to carry a gallon of water in their cars so our guests can use them to top up their stainless steel water bottles over and over again. This will help reduce the use of plastic, it’s hassle free and there’s no need to worry about running out of water.


We would like these bottles to be a life long purchase so it is important the design is creative and promotes being environmentally friendly. So, as always, we like to include talent from people who are striving towards their goal, therefore we made a competition for designers to create a logo to appear on these bottles. We have chosen three winners and all three of their logos will appear on our product. The designs really symbolize the awareness we would like to create amongst people worldwide. Being sustainable is important to Tari Travel and this isn’t our first ecofriendly project. You can read about the others on our website. We are a tour company who believes ecotourism is the future.

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