Making a Difference

Words cannot describe Indonesia but Tari Travel can show you. We love showing guests the wonderful culture, the spectacular landscape and the warmth you feel when you meet local families. However, we’re not just a travel agent, we also do what we can to help support local communities and the environment. Tari Travel will always make sure you get to interact with the locals from Indonesia but it’s also important that we give back what we take, which is why we help support their livelihood too. We have made connections with many local communities around Indonesia, some of which have ongoing projects that are helping the environment. There are so many factors harming the environment at the moment, one of which is plastic. Plastic is wasted every second, if not every day. You see it all around you and whilst you’re reading this you can probably see some in the room you’re in. However, it’s one of the worst things we can use. In this modern day and age it’s hard to live without using plastic. Everything you buy is sold in plastic, you carry your shopping in plastic bags and you throw it away for it to go nowhere but in a tip, where it will stay forever. This can be very dangerous because as it just sits there on the ground, unknown to most, chemicals will leak from the plastic into the soil and seep into the water that animals can drink and be poisoned from. Animals can also choke from eating plastic, believing it is food. It is easy to say we have to use less of it but what happens with all the plastic that is already there? It won’t disintegrate or even disappear. We have to try and recycle it. There are many projects already happening around the world to help reduce plastic. This includes using less plastic in food packaging, using recyclable bottles for drinks and putting a price on plastic carrier bags to persuade you to buy reusable ones.

Here in South Sulawesi there is a small leprosy community that uses waste plastic to make strong, reusable bags. This project was made, not only with care for the environment, but to help support their families. Tari Travel has now been buying these bags for three years, which we give to every guest that makes a booking with us. Our aim is to spread this love for the environment, whilst helping local families live a better life through all the bookings we make.

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