Precious Forests

It’s such a great feeling walking along the path to registration not knowing what’s coming next. After driving for over an hour through countryside with amazing views of rice fields and, for a little part, driving off road you really feel like you’re in the center of village life, with nothing modern in sight. Now, in the middle of a forest with only tents to sleep in and local food to eat, everyone settles down for an evening full of music, friends and laughter. This happens once a year for an event called Musik Hutan. Musik Hutan stands for ‘music in the forest’ and around 500 people join every year. We love being surrounded by nature so we couldn’t be happier to see an event like this. Musik Hutan is a non-profit organisation and they want to educate people on how important the environment is to us. For Tari Travel the environment is equally important and we are working towards clean and litter free forests. Plastic waste in Indonesia, or even all over the world, is a huge problem and harms our environment, so it is important we reduce this and teach others how. At the location for Musik Hutan rice bags were hung everywhere for people to throw their trash into. They also made it clear that for anyone who littered they would be fined 50,000 rupiah. Hopefully people learn from this and the location is left litter free on Sunday morning after we have gone home.

It is not only littering we need to be aware of but also looking after the trees and plants. Without these there would be no oxygen and less places for animals to live. Musik Hutan’s logo is the Macaca Maura monkey and animals like these have their homes threatened by companies who want to rip down trees and build offices and factories. We have taken it upon us to adopt 2 gibbons and 3 orangutans, who are also in danger of their homes being destroyed. Yes, we do use paper at Tari Travel, however, it is paper from responsibly grown trees and for every booking that is made we plant four trees. Four trees that you can trace and find out where they are and who is looking after them. It is important that we give back to nature, as too many people take from it.

We hope to see more of Musik Hutan and what they can do to help educate people on caring for our wonderful world. I know it has been one of my favourite times to camp right in the middle of the forest, sleeping amongst the trees in a cool atmosphere and no sounds of traffic. It is something you cannot explain but only feel when you wake up and look out your tent to see green hills, fields and trees everywhere you turn. For that very moment you are at peace. There are places like this all around Indonesia; you just have to find them. At Tari Travel we can help you discover them.

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